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vertebral arch

1.a structure arising dorsally from a vertebral centrum and enclosing the spinal cord

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  • vertebral
  • vertebra
  • verst
  • verso
  • version
  • versify
  • versifier
  • versification
  • versicle
  • versed
  • vertebral artery
  • vertebral canal
  • vertebral column
  • vertebral vein
  • vertebrata
  • vertebrate
  • vertebrate foot
  • vertebrate paleontology
  • vertex
  • verthandi
  • rheum rhabarbarum
  • present progressive tense
  • james dean
  • legislation
  • mujahidin
  • ayrshire
  • family ploceidae
  • inti
  • croup
  • leftist

  • Idiom of the Day

    wrong side of the tracks
    the poor side of town
    The man married a girl from the wrong side of the tracks because he loved her.

    I have yet to do it.

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  • How To Increase Blood In Body

    Low RBC and Disease

    A low iron count or haemoglobin count should be taken care of immediately as it affects the metabolism of the body. It is a sign of a disease in process rather than a disease itself. Chronic anaemia like the sickle cell anaemia, anaemis due to kidney disease, thalassemia, hemolytic anaemia do need medical intervention. It would be wise to make certain dietary changes, which will go a long way to prevent anaemia caused due to poor nutrition.

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