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vertebral arch

1.a structure arising dorsally from a vertebral centrum and enclosing the spinal cord

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  • vertebral
  • vertebra
  • verst
  • verso
  • version
  • versify
  • versifier
  • versification
  • versicle
  • versed
  • vertebral artery
  • vertebral canal
  • vertebral column
  • vertebral vein
  • vertebrata
  • vertebrate
  • vertebrate foot
  • vertebrate paleontology
  • vertex
  • verthandi
  • fulton
  • predecessor
  • gondolier
  • hex
  • ferdinand iii
  • sardinia
  • inga edulis
  • ulcerative
  • japanese spurge
  • coherently

  • Idiom of the Day

    read between the lines
    to find a hidden meaning in something
    I can read between the lines and I know what my friend is trying to say.

    I would be surprised if it rained.

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