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1.United States freed slave and insurrectionist in South Carolina who was involved in planning an uprising of slaves and was hanged (1767-1822)

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  • vesalius
  • very well
  • very softly
  • very reverend
  • very pistol
  • very much like
  • very much
  • very low frequency
  • very low density lipoprotein
  • very loudly
  • vesica
  • vesical
  • vesical vein
  • vesicant
  • vesicaria
  • vesicate
  • vesication
  • vesicatory
  • vesicle
  • vesicopapule
  • visigoth
  • electron gun
  • fieldwork
  • john augustus roebling
  • audio recording
  • physiological sphincter
  • mental case
  • yule
  • coffee maker
  • en clair

  • Idiom of the Day

    want for nothing
    to have everything that one needs or wishes
    My sister and her husband both have good jobs and they want for nothing.

    The students all had to leave their classrooms because someone set the fire alarm ________

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