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1.the particular occupation for which you are trained
2.a body of people doing the same kind of work

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  • vocally
  • vocalizing
  • vocalizer
  • vocalize
  • vocalization
  • vocalist
  • vocaliser
  • vocalise
  • vocalisation
  • vocalic
  • vocational
  • vocational education
  • vocational program
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • vocational rehabilitation program
  • vocational school
  • vocational training
  • vocationally
  • vocative
  • vocative case
  • run by
  • yuan dynasty
  • volcanic rock
  • pyelogram
  • freestyle
  • pyorrhea
  • nonsolid color
  • compliant
  • gilgai soil
  • alarm system

  • Idiom of the Day

    no hard feelings
    no anger or resentment
    There were no hard feelings between the two women after their fight at work.

    I would like to make it ________ clear that I was not involved.

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    Community spirit

    People who surround themselves with a community of friends, family and neighbors tend to live longer. Establishing good bonds with those around us promotes a healthy state of mind, which results in enhanced immunity and reduced risk of heart and circulatory problems.

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