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1.the particular occupation for which you are trained
2.a body of people doing the same kind of work

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  • vocally
  • vocalizing
  • vocalizer
  • vocalize
  • vocalization
  • vocalist
  • vocaliser
  • vocalise
  • vocalisation
  • vocalic
  • vocational
  • vocational education
  • vocational program
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • vocational rehabilitation program
  • vocational school
  • vocational training
  • vocationally
  • vocative
  • vocative case
  • erysimum asperum
  • mexican cypress
  • typography
  • dressy
  • breeches buoy
  • fixation
  • tee off
  • punjab
  • tribal chief
  • class channidae

  • Idiom of the Day

    in charge of (someone or something)
    in control or authority, responsible for someone or something
    The new manager is in charge of the sales department at his company.

    ________ rained a lot yesterday.

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    DilKhushaal also known as dal badam chakki is a famous Marwari cuisine prepared and sold by, Jodhpur.It mainly consists of almond, mogar (gram flour), mawa (condensed milk), ghee (butter oil) and sugar.

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