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1.a worker who papers walls

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  • wall-less
  • wall up
  • wall unit
  • wall tent
  • wall street
  • wall st.
  • wall socket
  • wall rue spleenwort
  • wall rue
  • wall rocket
  • walla walla
  • wallaby
  • wallace
  • wallace carothers
  • wallace hume carothers
  • wallace stevens
  • wallah
  • wallboard
  • walled
  • wallenstein
  • attorney
  • midwinter
  • searobin
  • macrocheira
  • miniaturization
  • lexical ambiguity
  • regretful
  • arundo
  • suborder megachiroptera
  • censorship

  • Idiom of the Day

    when it comes right down to it
    when one really thinks about something
    When it comes right down to it, I do not think that I should quit my job.

    The past participle of 'grow'is ________

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  • Best Foods to Eat If You Start Feeling Sick

    Spicy Foods

    When youre congested, it may be hard to eat. You cant smell, you cant taste, and youre just miserable. What you really need is to clear your sinuses and eustachian tube. The perfect remedy for this is to eat super spicy foods. Your body reacts to the burning sensation by loosening up the mucus that is clogging your body. Plus, the strong flavors will be easier for you to taste compared to tasteless, bland foods. For instance, research from 2011 that was published in the journal, Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, lined cayenne pepper spice (or rather capsaicin, cayennes active ingredient) to improving circulation, making digestion more efficient, and even to relieving pain and congestion related to flu symptoms. The study prescribed capsaicin nasal spray to participants during a duration of two weeks and found that overall participants who used the spray suffered less congestion.

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