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wall tent

1.a canvas tent with four vertical walls

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  • Idiom of the Day

    in one`s tracks
    abruptly, immediately, exactly where one is at the moment
    I stopped in my tracks when I saw the snake on the road.

    I donít trust him so I canít give you any assurance regarding the ________ of his statement.

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  • Fish Aquarium

    Dwarf Pencilfish

    The Dwarf Pencilfish, which grows to 1 inch, can be kept in a shoal even in a small aquarium. This small South American fish has a striking color pattern, with a bold red stripe on the side and red splotches on the fins.

    Living Environment : A slow-moving species, it is easily intimidated by more active tank mates and may not always get its share of food. Small flake and freeze-dried foods should be provided with supplements of live brine shrimp.

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