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water moccasin

1.venomous semiaquatic snake of swamps in southern United States
2.any of numerous North American water snakes inhabiting fresh waters

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  • Idiom of the Day

    beat one's head against the wall
    to waste one's time trying to do something that is hopeless
    I was beating my head against the wall to try and convince my friend to come to the restaurant.

    I am completely confused as to why she did it and so it's not ________ to imagine why other people are mystified, too.

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  • Best Places to Celebrate New Year

    New york city

    It may not be for everyone, but theres no denying that New Years Eve in New York City has an atmosphere that few other cities can rival. Most famous, of course, is the annual gathering of a million people in Times Square to see famous musicians and the ball drop, in which a 12 foot wide crystal ball weighing nearly 12,000 pounds descends atop One Times Square. For a slightly less chaotic experience, book a reservation at one of the bars or restaurants overlooking Times Square. And for something completely different, consider a nighttime boat ride on New York Harbor, which offers the best views of the midnight fireworks display on Liberty Island.

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