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1.edge of a way or road or path

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  • weak
  • weak force
  • weak interaction
  • weak part
  • weak point
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  • grunt
  • reflexly
  • fencelike
  • paradisiac
  • creeping
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  • western redbud
  • sedate
  • oven broil

  • Idiom of the Day

    turn up one`s nose at (something)
    to refuse something because it is not good enough
    My friend turned up his nose at the job offer in another department of his company.

    What's the plural of 'candy'?

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  • Benefits of Cardamom

    Lip Care

    Cardamom essential oil is often added to cosmetics that are applied to the lips such as lip balms to impart the taste of the oil and make them smooth. It has many health benefits attached to it apart from its use as a mouth freshener.

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