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wet blanket

1.someone who spoils the pleasure of others

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  • wet bar
  • wet
  • westwards
  • westward
  • westside
  • weston cell
  • weston
  • westmost
  • westminster abbey
  • wet cell
  • wet dream
  • wet fly
  • wet lung
  • wet nurse
  • wet suit
  • wet-bulb thermometer
  • wet-nurse
  • wetback
  • wether
  • kinchinjunga
  • vena intercapitalis
  • long-headed
  • ribbon grass
  • european dewberry
  • dharma
  • circularize
  • attractive
  • mystique
  • jumbo

  • Idiom of the Day

    an eccentric person with ideas that do not make sense to others, a crazy person
    The man is a crackpot and you never know what he will do next.

    Did I miss anything ________ I was on the phone?

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    Buzz Osborne

    Also known affectionately as King Buzzo, the man born Roger Osborne, is the guitarist, vocalist and chief songwriter for The Melvins, as well as collaborations with many other musicians. He was a friend of Kurt Cobain as a youngster and played bass in Cobain s first band, Fecal Matter.

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