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wet blanket

1.someone who spoils the pleasure of others

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  • wet bar
  • wet
  • westwards
  • westward
  • westside
  • weston cell
  • weston
  • westmost
  • westminster abbey
  • wet cell
  • wet dream
  • wet fly
  • wet lung
  • wet nurse
  • wet suit
  • wet-bulb thermometer
  • wet-nurse
  • wetback
  • wether
  • held up
  • radiography
  • hatmaker
  • genus turreae
  • made use of
  • bengal tiger
  • cellblock
  • magnetic induction
  • gear case
  • unlined

  • Idiom of the Day

    leave a lot to be desired
    to be inadequate
    The job performance of the new employee leaves a lot to be desired.

    (1) After a laborious life
    (P) to the quiet village where he was born
    (Q)most of which he had spent in the metropolis,
    (R) and where he intended to spend
    (S) he retired in his old age
    (6) his remaining years.

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  • Astrology

    Scorpio Negative Side

    Scorpio ( Oct 23 - Nov 21 ) Negative Side :

    The Scorpio person is sometimes hypersensitive. Often he imagines injury when there is none. He feels that others do not bother to recognize him for his true worth. Sometimes he is given to excessive boasting in order to compensate for what he feels is neglect.
    The Scorpio person ca be rather proud and arrogant. They can be rather sly when they put their minds to it and they enjoy outwitting person or institutions noted for their cleverness.
    Their tactics for getting what they want are sometimes devious and ruthless. They donít care too much about what others may think. If they feel others have done them an injustice, they will do their best to seek revenge. The Scorpion often has a sudden, violent temper; and this personís interest in sex is sometimes quite unbalanced or excessive.

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