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1.having hair on the cheeks and chin

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  • whisker jack
  • whisker
  • whisk off
  • whisk fern
  • whisk by
  • whisk broom
  • whisk away
  • whisk
  • whish
  • whirring
  • whiskerless
  • whiskers
  • whiskery
  • whiskey
  • whiskey bottle
  • whiskey jug
  • whiskey neat
  • whiskey on the rocks
  • whiskey sour
  • whisky
  • rankine scale
  • rose family
  • ascension
  • supervene upon
  • greatest common factor
  • sciaenops ocellatus
  • unsorted
  • swear off
  • politburo
  • hiawatha

  • Idiom of the Day

    come to a pretty pass
    to develop into a bad or difficult situation
    Things have come to a pretty pass and nobody knows what to do about the problem.

    The police found her ________ flat but there was no sign of Agatha Christie.

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  • Benefits of Nectarine

    Cutting or peeling

    Cutting or peeling a nectarine releases an enzyme that causes darkening of flesh. The fruit might not look a bit appetising but this does not alter its nutritional value in any way. You can also slow the discolouration by dipping the nectarine in acidic solution like cedar vinegar.

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