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1.having hair on the cheeks and chin

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  • whisker jack
  • whisker
  • whisk off
  • whisk fern
  • whisk by
  • whisk broom
  • whisk away
  • whisk
  • whish
  • whirring
  • whiskerless
  • whiskers
  • whiskery
  • whiskey
  • whiskey bottle
  • whiskey jug
  • whiskey neat
  • whiskey on the rocks
  • whiskey sour
  • whisky
  • hangnail
  • voiceless consonant
  • deforestation
  • moodiness
  • snowflake
  • malversate
  • fringed orchid
  • epistaxis
  • billiard player
  • tripinnated

  • Idiom of the Day

    eyes in the back of one`s head
    the ability to know what is happening behind one`s back
    The man has eyes in the back of his head and you can never borrow anything without him knowing about it.

    He traveled over hill and ________ to see her.

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