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william beaumont

1.United States surgeon remembered for his studies of digestion (1785-1853)

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  • willful
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  • william bradford shockley
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  • cultivator
  • languor
  • sanderling
  • crime syndicate
  • gentiana calycosa
  • capitalist
  • pelagic
  • billy graham
  • hegari
  • incienso

  • Idiom of the Day

    all sweetness and light
    to be very sweet, to be innocent and helpful
    The girl is all sweetness and light after she does something bad.

    It's generally a good thing if someone messes with your computer.

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  • Global Dial Code

    Costa Rica

    Exit Country Code + 506 + The Number

    The Costa Rica country code is 506. The nationality of Costa Rica is Costa Ricans.The capital of Costa Rica is San JoseLargest Cities in Costa Rica by population: San Jose, Limon, Alajuela, San Francisco, Cinco Esquinas, Desamparados, Liberia, Puntarenas, San Vicente, Barranca. Local Telephone Prefix: No trunk codes in Costa Rica, just dial direct when calling domestic.

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