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witches' broth

1.a fearsome mixture

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  • witches' broom
  • witches' brew
  • witchery
  • witchcraft
  • witch-hunter
  • witch-hunt
  • witch-hazel family
  • witch's brew
  • witch hazel
  • witch grass
  • witches' butter
  • witches' sabbath
  • witchgrass
  • witching
  • witchlike
  • with a rush
  • with adroitness
  • with all respect
  • with ambition
  • with an editorial
  • genus cancer
  • intracutaneous
  • lancetfish
  • sea of marmara
  • planing machine
  • lespedeza sericea
  • law of definite proportions
  • low-cost
  • crushed leather
  • red ash

  • Idiom of the Day

    eat like a bird
    to eat very little
    The boy eats like a bird. That is why he cannot gain enough weight to join the football team.

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    When you are on the lookout for a Pokemon that is carefree, and then look no further than the Ludicolo. Its very appearance shows how happy-go-lucky the Pokemon is- there is no trace of any worry just a jolly appearance that is quite infectious. With a pineapple on its head, the Ludicolo might make it seem as if life is absolutely great with that big fruit on the head. But it is best to be wary of this much of a carefree attitude. There is no saying when the pineapple flaunting Ludicolo can tank, never mind even if it has the best of the fruits topping it.

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