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witches' broth

1.a fearsome mixture

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  • witches' broom
  • witches' brew
  • witchery
  • witchcraft
  • witch-hunter
  • witch-hunt
  • witch-hazel family
  • witch's brew
  • witch hazel
  • witch grass
  • witches' butter
  • witches' sabbath
  • witchgrass
  • witching
  • witchlike
  • with a rush
  • with adroitness
  • with all respect
  • with ambition
  • with an editorial
  • bronc
  • stagehand
  • contritely
  • balsam capivi
  • piano teacher
  • revolutionary united front
  • brood hen
  • sough
  • lethal dose
  • hypophysial

  • Idiom of the Day

    hole up (somewhere)
    to hide somewhere
    I passed the weekend holed up in my bedroom with a good book.

    They want us ________ the work tonight.

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  • Benefits of Ugli fruits

    Boosts Immunity

    Again, being high in vitamin C, regular consumption of Ugli fruit strengthens your immunity and fights off infections. It has strong antioxidant properties due to flavonoids quercetin and rutin. They fight free radicals and prevent cancer and other chronic diseases. Moreover, this fruit also contains calcium and folic acid.

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