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withholding tax

1.income tax withheld from employees' wages and paid directly to the government by the employer

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  • withholding
  • withholder
  • withhold
  • witherspoon
  • withers
  • witheringly
  • withering
  • withered
  • wither
  • withe
  • within
  • within reason
  • without a stitch
  • without aim
  • without ambiguity
  • without becoming upset
  • without bias
  • without bloodshed
  • without checking
  • without concern
  • alice b. toklas
  • flurazepam
  • chinked
  • tablecloth
  • republic of seychelles
  • vaccinium corymbosum
  • noddle
  • ungraciously
  • sanitization
  • family mastodontidae

  • Idiom of the Day

    in high gear
    very fast and active
    The preparations for the party were in high gear when I arrived at the house.

    She's ________ a high at the moment because everything is going her way.

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  • Rules to play Baseball

    Try a hit and run play

    Good contact hitters (batters who have good control over the balls direction once hit) can work with a runner on first to make a hole between first and second base, which is normally guarded by the second baseman. The runner on first attempts to steal second right as the pitch is thrown, forcing the second baseman to follow. The batter then drives the ball through the gap into the outfield and takes a single or double.

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