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1.work that a person is expected to do in a specified time

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  • workings
  • working-class
  • working rule
  • working principle
  • working person
  • working party
  • working papers
  • working out
  • working memory
  • working man
  • workman
  • workmanlike
  • workmanship
  • workmate
  • workmen's compensation
  • workout
  • workout suit
  • workpiece
  • workplace
  • workroom
  • german measles
  • wrinkled
  • dacrydium cupressinum
  • bundle
  • toxicodendron radicans
  • move reflexively
  • charcoal-gray
  • antecubital
  • revisionism
  • carnegie

  • Idiom of the Day

    see the color of (someone's) money
    to verify that someone has (enough) money
    I did not give my friend a ticket for the game until I saw the color of his money.

    S1: While talking to a group, one should feel self- confident and courageous.
    S6: Any man can develop his capacity if he has the desire to do so.

    P: Nor is it a gift bestowed by providence on only a few.
    Q: One should also learn how to think calmly and clearly.
    R: It is like the ability to play golf.
    S: It is not as difficult as most men imagine.

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