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1.changing for the worse worsening n.
1.process of changing to an inferior state
2.changing something with the result that it becomes worse

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  • worsened
  • worsen
  • worse
  • worrywart
  • worryingly
  • worrying
  • worry
  • worrisome
  • worriment
  • worrier
  • worship
  • worship of heavenly bodies
  • worship of man
  • worship of saints
  • worshiper
  • worshipful
  • worshiping
  • worshipped
  • worshipper
  • worshipping
  • davidson's penstemon
  • white-headed stilt
  • early warning system
  • mortal enemy
  • genus luffa
  • unreportable
  • coosa river
  • metaplastic anaemia
  • winding
  • john the baptist

  • Idiom of the Day

    take one`s time
    to do something without hurrying
    My friend took his time to return the book that he had borrowed.


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  • Benefits of Chives

    Antibiotic Properties

    Chives also possess antibiotic properties. The natural antibacterial and antiviral agents present in chives work with vitamin C to destroy harmful microbes. Consumption of this vegetable acts as an excellent defense against common cold, flu and certain yeast infections.

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