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1.type genus for the Xenicidae

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  • xenicus gilviventris
  • xenogenesis
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  • xenophobia
  • xenophobic
  • xenophon
  • xenopodidae
  • turn one's stomach
  • monitoring device
  • swill
  • red meat
  • salina
  • hodgkin
  • ratafia
  • genus sphacele
  • older
  • subvocalise

  • Idiom of the Day

    get (someone`s) goat
    to irritate someone
    My friend is always getting my goat and I am tired of him.

    Our is the only country (a) / in the world fb) / that can boast of (c) / unity in diversity. (d) / No error (e)

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  • Ayurvedic Medicine


    Marking nut (E), Bhilawa (H):

    Bhallataka means 'like a spear', attesting to its ability to penetrate deeply into the tissues and rejuvenate the body. It benefits digestion, lung weakness and arthritis. It is a specific rejuvenating tonic for the reproductive system.

    Digestion It strongly increases the appetite and treats conditions caused by low digestive fire; piles, diarrhoea, worms and colitis. Its ability to clear ama helps to clear the srotas. Piles Alleviates vata and kapha types of haemorrhoids. It goes directly to the root cause of the disease as it rectifies the digestive fire. Lungs Helps to clear coughing and wheezing from high vata and kapha. Arthritis As a specific medicine for vata it helps to treat nervous disorders and degeneration of the joints. Reproduction It is a specific tonic to male fertility as it increases semen production. As it helps to treat premature ejaculation and seminal leakage it also treats incontinence and unrestrained urinary dribbles . Skin It is very beneficial for vitiligo and other skin diseases affecting pigmentation (.

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