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1.type genus for the Xenicidae

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  • xenicidae
  • xenarthra
  • xe
  • xcviii
  • xcvii
  • xcvi
  • xcv
  • xcl
  • xciv
  • xciii
  • xenicus gilviventris
  • xenogenesis
  • xenograft
  • xenolith
  • xenon
  • xenophanes
  • xenophobia
  • xenophobic
  • xenophon
  • xenopodidae
  • straight-arm
  • standard candle
  • coralroot
  • wrist
  • rock-bottom
  • toxotes
  • masoretic
  • de quincey
  • systemise
  • leipzig

  • Idiom of the Day

    dark horse
    a political candidate who is little known to the general public
    The woman candidate was a dark horse but she won the election easily.

    She broke ________ leg.

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  • Tips to get ready for Study Abroad

    Get familiar with your routes

    You will probably be able to choose from a range of transport options tubes, trains, trams, buses or your own private vehicle but before that you must get well acquainted with the routes. I started by taking a couple of initial visits around the city with a colleague, and then dared to make an individual trip the next time.Was I successful? No! I got lost and wandered about the streets, but that had its own charm as I kept on exploring new places and eventually reached my destination after asking for directions from commuters and shopkeepers. Try this if you are adventurous, and if you are not adventurous: try it anyway!

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