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1.an irrational fear of foreigners or strangers

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  • xenophanes
  • xenon
  • xenolith
  • xenograft
  • xenogenesis
  • xenicus gilviventris
  • xenicus
  • xenicidae
  • xenarthra
  • xe
  • xenophobic
  • xenophon
  • xenopodidae
  • xenopus
  • xenopus laevis
  • xenorhyncus
  • xenorhyncus asiaticus
  • xenosauridae
  • xenosaurus
  • xenotime
  • genus rauvolfia
  • blintze
  • quinine water
  • do by
  • pargetry
  • lemon mint
  • kriss kringle
  • pagoda tree
  • spirits of wine
  • whitsun

  • Idiom of the Day

    out of luck
    without good luck
    I was out of luck and could not find the part for my computer printer at the store.

    At certain times of the year your shares will ________ a good profit but you must also be prepared for them to go down in value.

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  • Largest Zoos in the World

    Yokohama Zoo

    Japans Yokohama Zoo, lovingly referred to as Zoorasia was established in 1999. A massive 100 acres in size, this lush, sprawling zoo gives extended room to its over 1500 animals from 150 species. In fact, the zoo is largely green in design, consisting of 7 separate ecological areasthe Asian Tropical Forest, Central Asian Highland, Oceanian Grassland, Japanese Countryside, African Tropical Rainforest, and the Amazon Jungleall designed to mimic natural habitats. Because its so large, binoculars are given to each guest upon entrance for optimal spotting of the inhabitants.

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