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1.suffering from xenophobia

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  • xenophobia
  • xenophanes
  • xenon
  • xenolith
  • xenograft
  • xenogenesis
  • xenicus gilviventris
  • xenicus
  • xenicidae
  • xenarthra
  • xenophon
  • xenopodidae
  • xenopus
  • xenopus laevis
  • xenorhyncus
  • xenorhyncus asiaticus
  • xenosauridae
  • xenosaurus
  • xenotime
  • xenotransplant
  • ilex
  • froghopper
  • jean giraudoux
  • suprainfection
  • encrypt
  • irish whiskey
  • fragility
  • gall gnat
  • translate
  • stanley frank musial

  • Idiom of the Day

    back in circulation
    to be socially active again (after the breakup of a relationship between two people)
    My friend stopped dating his girlfriend and he is now back in circulation.

    Choose an idiom to replace the expression in the brackets:
    I think that it is time for us to (start working).

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  • Rules to play Rock Climbing

    Get dressed

    Hang different items on the wall hats, gloves, pants, shorts, jackets, shoes, etc. or even on the ground. The idea is that the climber must pass through the wall and whenever he or she finds something, they must put it on! Try the same thing but now undressing. It is a great climbing game to work resting positions and endurance.

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