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xenopus laevis

1.a tongueless frog native to Africa

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  • xenopus
  • xenopodidae
  • xenophon
  • xenophobic
  • xenophobia
  • xenophanes
  • xenon
  • xenolith
  • xenograft
  • xenogenesis
  • xenorhyncus
  • xenorhyncus asiaticus
  • xenosauridae
  • xenosaurus
  • xenotime
  • xenotransplant
  • xenotransplantation
  • xeranthemum
  • xeranthemum annuum
  • xeric
  • housing estate
  • apocynum pumilum
  • amphidiploid
  • national institute of justice
  • vacuum cleaner
  • azalea
  • nutrient artery
  • running title
  • worcestershire
  • ethnical

  • Idiom of the Day

    flunk out
    to fail a course, to fail school
    My friend flunked out of his computer course at school.

    Where did you use to ________ when you visited?

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  • World Most Beautiful Temples

    Wat Suwan Kuha Temple Thailand

    It is a cave temple close to Phuket in Southern Thailand, built into a limestone cave in a mountainside.It is very atmospheric inside, quite dark but with light filtering through gaps in the cave, and it is full of statues.And a troupe of monkeys have their home in the outer courtyard.You can get to the temple by bus, taxi or organised tour from Phuket, and the entry fee is 10 baht.

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