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yam bean

1.twining plant of Amazon basin having large edible roots
2.Central American twining plant with edible roots and pods

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  • Idiom of the Day

    sticky fingers
    fingers that steal things that one sees and wants
    The young boy has sticky fingers. You must watch him all the time.

    He told him he was a wicked person and further he was a ________ piece of work.

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  • Biggest Man Made Environmental Disasters

    Baia Mare Cyanide Spill

    After the Chernobyl incident in Russia, this cyanide spill in Baia Mare, Romania is aptly called the worst environmental disaster in Europe. On January 30, 2000, 100,000 cubic meters of cyanidecontaminated water leaked out from a dam, spewing out 100 tonnes of cyanide.

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