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yerba santa

1.viscid evergreen shrub of western United States with white to Deep lilac flowers

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  • yenisei-samoyed
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  • yersinia pestis
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  • yerwa-maiduguri
  • yes
  • yes-man
  • yes-no question
  • yeshiva
  • richard evelyn byrd
  • waterproof
  • glossodia
  • wilson
  • thalamus
  • two-footed
  • downcast
  • dissentious
  • z-axis
  • tropic of cancer

  • Idiom of the Day

    pay attention to (someone or something)
    to listen to someone with full attention, to look at something with full attention
    The man never pays attention to what his supervisor tells him.

    He ________ the bottle to show that there was not a drop left.

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  • Tips for Portfolio Photography

    Try to Limit Scrolling

    This tip contradicts tip 6, where I advised in using a large viewing area for your photos. The key is to either
    Find a balance between small screen vs large screen, or Use image resizing technology or use multiple sizes of the same image, depending on the viewers screen resolution.
    Its usually a good idea if you can limit the users scrolling, no matter what device resolution they are using. Adapt for smaller screens by rearranging the layout of the site, or maybe making thumbnails a different size.
    As I mentioned in tip 6, 800 x 600 is still the smallest resolution you should cover if youre worried about every possible user. Try designing for that resolution, with no scrolling and then enhance the design and layout for larger screens and resolutions.

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