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yersinia pestis

1.a Bacillus bacteria that causes plague

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  • yersin
  • yerkes
  • yerevan
  • yerba santa
  • yerba mansa
  • yerba buena
  • yeomanry
  • yeoman of the guard
  • yeoman
  • yenta
  • yerupaja
  • yerwa-maiduguri
  • yes
  • yes-man
  • yes-no question
  • yeshiva
  • yeshivah
  • yesterday
  • yesteryear
  • yet
  • airplane pilot
  • anesthetise
  • influentially
  • pump priming
  • intransitively
  • eusebius
  • gumshield
  • nine-banded armadillo
  • curet
  • library fine

  • Idiom of the Day

    like nothing on earth
    very unusual
    The performance by our neighbor was like nothing on earth and surprised everyone who saw it.

    ________ John last week?

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  • Benefits of Watermelons


    Roasted watermelon seeds nourish your hair and skin because of their copper content. You need copper to produce melanin -- the pigment that gives your skin and hair their color, and also helps protect you from the sunands harmful rays. It keeps your connective tissue strong and resistant to damage and promotes healthy nervous system function. Watermelon seedsand copper content also plays a role in iron transport, so it can be used to make hemoglobin.and

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