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1.on the day preceding today
2.in the recent past yesterday n.
1.the day immediately before today
2.the recent past

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  • yeshivah
  • yeshiva
  • yes-no question
  • yes-man
  • yes
  • yerwa-maiduguri
  • yerupaja
  • yersinia pestis
  • yersin
  • yerkes
  • yesteryear
  • yet
  • yeti
  • yevgeni aleksandrovich yevtushenko
  • yevgeni yevtushenko
  • yevtushenko
  • yew
  • yew family
  • yezo
  • ygdrasil
  • multiflora rose
  • willy-nilly
  • soothing syrup
  • printed circuit
  • myroxylon balsamum pereirae
  • venting
  • difficult
  • sledge
  • louis braille
  • encephalitis

  • Idiom of the Day

    breath of fresh air
    a fresh and imaginative approach to something
    The new coach was a breath of fresh air compared to the previous coach.

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  • P T Usha

    Success is never an Accident

    I firmly believe that perspiration is the key to it. Success in sport is determined by many factors including motivation, appropriate training, nutrition and tactics. Everybody can be successful in many things; but not in everything. At Usha School of Athletics, our aim is to succeed in whatever we realistically plan to achieve. As most of you know we believe in doing rather than making claims. We are determined not to be pulled down by any amount of controversies, distractions, bad mouths or accusations. As Arjun of Mahabharatha had only the birds eye in focus, all of us at Usha School see only the Olympic Arena where we intend to fight.
    As the media has been highlighting, our students have performed brilliantly in the recent sports events. I am really happy at the growth of their performances and am confident that many of them will make it to the Big Day Olympics. I congratulate all of them and wish them a brilliant athletic career. I am indebted to a large number of well wishers who always stood by me, not only at the times of glory but also in difficulties. Your love, care and support are my strengths and with that in abundance, nothing will stop us in aiming high!!

    Chourishi Systems