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1.on the day preceding today
2.in the recent past yesterday n.
1.the day immediately before today
2.the recent past

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  • yeshivah
  • yeshiva
  • yes-no question
  • yes-man
  • yes
  • yerwa-maiduguri
  • yerupaja
  • yersinia pestis
  • yersin
  • yerkes
  • yesteryear
  • yet
  • yeti
  • yevgeni aleksandrovich yevtushenko
  • yevgeni yevtushenko
  • yevtushenko
  • yew
  • yew family
  • yezo
  • ygdrasil
  • knawe
  • ask out
  • sand-blind
  • deer hunter
  • eau de javelle
  • bond-trading activity
  • short division
  • tiglon
  • pigtail
  • unmanful

  • Idiom of the Day

    for kicks
    for fun
    We decided to go to the airport to watch the airplanes for kicks.

    This deserted ship was used by ________ many years ago. They stored here the goods they had taken illegally from one country to another.

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