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zonal pelargonium

1.an upright geranium having scalloped leaves with a broad color zone inside the margin and white or pink or red flowers

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  • Idiom of the Day

    up the river with no paddle
    in trouble and unable to do anything about it
    We were up the river with no paddle when we ran out of money on our vacation.

    He was sent to _________ for two years for burglary.

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  • Rules to play Cross Country Running


    The course ends at a finish line located at the beginning of a funnel or chute (a long walkway marked with flags) that keeps athletes single file in order of finish and facilitates accurate scoring.Depending on the timing and scoring system, finish officials may collect a small slip from each runners bib, to keep track of finishing positions. An alternative method (common in the UK) is to have four officials in two pairs. In the first pair, one official reads out numbers of finishers and the other records them. In the second pair, one official reads out times for the other to record. At the end of the race the two lists are joined along with information from the entry information. The major disadvantage of this system is that distractions can easily upset the results, particularly when large numbers of runners finish close together.

    Chip timing has grown in popularity to increase accuracy and decrease the number of officials required at the finish line. Each runner attaches a transponder with RFID to his or her shoe. When the runner crosses the finish line an electronic pad records the chip number and matches the runner to a database. Chip timing allows officials to use checkpoint mats throughout the race to calculate split times, and to ensure runners cover the entire course. This is by far the most efficient method, although it is also the most expensive. The drawback to chip timing is its inability to properly separate a close finish. Chips times the feet, when the rule books say it is the torso that counts. It is technically possible for an athlete to fall across the finish line, legally crossing the finish line, but with their feet too far away from the sensor to have their finish recorded.

    Contemporary races have now started to use fully automatic timing systems for photo finish accuracy to their results. This has dramatically improved the timing mechanisms of Cross Country over the last few years

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