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1.small genus of Brazilian cacti having flat fleshy usually branched joints and showy red or pink flowers followed by red fleshy fruits

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  • zygnematales
  • zygnemataceae
  • zygnemales
  • zygnema
  • zydeco
  • zworykin
  • zwingli
  • zwieback
  • zweig
  • zurvanism
  • zygocactus truncatus
  • zygodactyl
  • zygodactyl foot
  • zygoma
  • zygomatic
  • zygomatic arch
  • zygomatic bone
  • zygomatic process
  • zygomorphic
  • zygomorphous
  • expugnable
  • selaginella
  • mierkat
  • in circles
  • nothofagus obliqua
  • capital of tajikistan
  • timed
  • conchologist
  • modernised
  • handcuffs

  • Idiom of the Day

    birds-eye view
    a view from high above, a brief look at something
    We had a birds-eye view of the playing field from our seats high up in the stadium.

    I haven't met her ___ times.

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    Fur seals sun themselves on South Georgia Island in the Southern Ocean. Oxford zoologist Alex Rogers snapped this shot during an expedition to explore the first known deep sea hydrothermal vents in the Antarctic. The fauna under the water turned out to be even more intriguing than the animals on land. See a gallery of photos from the vents here.

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