You are following a slow-moving vehicle on a narrow country road. There is a junction just ahead on the right. What should you do?

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  • Benefits of Passion fruits

    Promotes intestinal health

    Passion fruit seeds are generally abundant with insoluble dietary fiber (64.1 grams per 100 grams)1. Chau, Huang, and Chang (2005) have recommended that the passion fruit seeds insoluble fiber may provide an efficient functional component to enhance intestinal function as well as health2. They discovered that including passion fruit seeds insoluble fiber to the fiber free diet might boost the intestinal amylase action and lower the caecal pH as well as caecal ammonia content. Amylase is a crucial enzyme required to transform complex sugars directly into simple sugars throughout digestion of food. A decline in caecal pH as well as caecal ammonia in return assists equilibrium bacteria within the intestines as well as possibly decreases the chance of tumors within the colon.

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