Test # 11

You are following a learner driver who stalls at a junction. You should

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    Waterslides rules

    1. Users must wait for guards permission before going.
    2. Riders must be at least 46 tall or be at least 5 years old to ride in the front of a two person tube with an adult 16 or older.
    3. Only 4 people allowed at top of slide and 3 on the first landing.
    4. User must exit plunge pool promptly after entering the splash down area.
    5. Swimsuits must be free of all exposed metal such as rivets, buckles, snaps, zippers, and pockets must be empty.
    6. Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of slide and failure to follow posted rules or staff instructions.
    7. No glasses, sunglasses, goggles, or other foreign objects may be worn down the slides.
    8. Only 2 people may use double tube; Only 1 person may use single tube. 1 person may NOT use a double tube alone.
    9. Only one person or tube (single or double tube) may go at a time.
    10. No running up or down steps.
    11. 300 lb. weight limit per person.
    12. Stopping in flume is prohibited.
    13. Riders must stay in the inner tube until exiting the slide in the splash down area.
    14. Riders must stay seated or on back with arms and legs together when on slide.
    15. Riders must face forward when going down the slide.
    16. Water depth: 42 inches.

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