Test # 33

A policeman orders your car to stop. He finds you have a faulty tyre. Who is responsible?

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    Is your teen struggling to study effectively

    Two common sources of worry for parents is that their teen cant concentrate for very long, and that their teen does study but doesnt get the results they should from it.
    Does this sound familiar? Of course there are many factors that may be contributing to why your teen isnt getting the grades theyre capable of, but if theyre having the problems Ive described above, then Id bet good money its because they havent quite figured out their Study Formula.
    Lets say your teen is quite a visual learner. Well if theyre trying to study by reading a text book or course book from front to back, its no wonder theyre dying of boredom and finding it difficult to retain information.
    What they need to do, is incorporate some visual learner study techniques into their Study Formula.
    If your teen engages in a study technique that is better suited to the way that THEY learn, this can only help improve their concentration and information retention.

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