Test # 109

Why didn't you ________ up for work yesterday?

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    You start off your marriage with love for each other, but will kill those good feelings if you try to change each other You may not realize it, but when you give advice, the underlying message is,You are stupid and inept. I dont respect you. So refrain from giving advice about what to wear, what to say, how to clean the dishes or how to think or feel, as this destroys self-confidence! Unless your spouse is doing something dangerous to your physical or mental health, resist the urge to criticize. Whenever possible, tell your spouse,You make great decisions. I trust that you to know what to do. Practice now, complimenting the people in your environment for doing their best, even if it is not up to your standards. And if people give you too much advice, practice saying,I m building my self confidence by making my own decisions. You did not get married in order to be fixed. You married in order to experience unconditional love; to feel accepted and respected as you are. Criticism destroys love.

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