Test # 126

Charlie didn't have much in the way of property just ________ and pieces.

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    Running high jump

    The high jump event in track and field athletics, has evolved as the technique and equipment have improved over the years. Significant changes occurred when the landing pit of sand or sawdust was replaced with foam mats, and the fosby flop back over technique was able to be utilized. Here are the progressions for the mens high jump world record.

    The High Jump World Record is 2.45 meters 8 ft 0.46 in, by Javier Sotomayor of Cuba, who achieved this height on the 27th of July 1993 in Salamanca see High Jump Record videos. Sotomayor also holds the indoor and world record of 2.43 meters 7 ft 11.67 in. His outdoor world record was set in 1993 is the highest standing in the history of the mens high jump.

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