Test # 144

I did just that but in my ________ I dropped a small packet that fell into a puddle.

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    Additional rules to remember

    Always focuswith thescanning power objectivelens first. Focus away from the specimen with thecoarse adjustment knobwhile viewing the object on scanning or low power. While using the high power objective, thefine adjustment knobshould be utilized for focusing because theworking distancedecreases as magnification increases.To increase magnification, always center an object of interest using themechanical stage knobsbefore rotating thenosepiece. Adjust thelight intensityusing theiris diaphragmattached to thecondensor. Do not drag the microscope across the lab table. Clean all lenses withlens paperbefore and after use of a microscope. Protect the microscope as you return it to its cabinet by replacing theplastic coverand carrying it with two hands (one holding it by thearmthe other supporting it by thebase).

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