Test # 144

I did just that but in my ________ I dropped a small packet that fell into a puddle.

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    AUDI SPORT QUATTRO Years produced 1983 to 1984

    Audi s history isn t exactly littered with supercars, and we fully appreciate that the Sport Quattro ticks the right boxes for brand aficionados: It has rallying heritage, it packs a brawny turbocharged five cylinder engine, and only 224 of them were built. But should anyone other than four ring fanboys care about this nubby little thing? It was birthed when an onslaught of far more compact, all wheel drive Group B rally cars began decimating the original Quattro, which was a derivative of the plain Jane Audi 4000. So the automaker s solution was to cut the wheelbase by a whopping 12.6 inches, which created a funky, nose heavy monster prone to vicious understeer. This version didn t find much competition success, either, despite the fact that Audi added a front spoiler worthy of a bulldozer. Go ahead and tout the Sport Quattro as iconic, just be sure not to let anyone see your Vorsprung durch Technik tattoo.

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