Test # 147

I strongly recommend you make a checklist of points to consider ________ deciding which method of payment to accept.

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    Homeopaths have been very particular about the diet during homeopathic treatment. There is a general belief, sometimes bordering on the level of fear, that the remedies will be antidoted by anything of medicinal nature in the diet. A small survey or homeopathic websites revealed that the majority of homeopaths believe in dietary restrictions to some extent. Nowadays, homeopaths seem to be divided in three groups as far as the question of dietary restrictions is concerned. The first group is comprised of those who restrict all articles of medicinal nature from the diet; the second group are those who restrict some articles depending upon the nature of the disease, remedy and sensitivity of the patient. The third group are homeopaths who usually do not impose any dietary restrictions during the course of homeopathic treatment. The aim of this paper is to study the historical basis of this belief, to present the views of contemporary homeopaths through literature review, and to discuss whether the belief is valid or not.

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