Test # 152

You must decide and ________ up your mind.

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    Southern India

    Vijayadashami is celebrated in various ways in different parts of South India. It is seens as a day to express gratitude to everything that bring success in life. Celebrations can take many forms, ranging from worshipping the goddess Chamundeshwari (Durga) to exhibiting colorful toys , celebrated as Golu in Karnataka,Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu from Navratri onwards.There is a legend related to the exhibition of toys that is known as Bombe habba in Karnataka, Bommala Koluvu in Andhra Pradesh, Bomma Gollu in Kerala and Golu or Kolu in Tamil Nadu. Since the goddess Durga needed tremendous power, all other gods and goddesses transferred their power to her and they all stood still as statues. To respect the self sacrifice of these deities during the festival days, Hindus revere morities, which are small statues in the shape of particular gods and goddesses. Golu ends on Dasara.

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