Test # 154

Yesterday I ________ to an archeological site because I want to be an archeologist.

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    Listen Up

    The biggest mistake I made before plunging through the 134 metres of thin air that comprises AJ Hacketts Nevis Bungy in Queenstown was deciding not to listen to the safety instructions. Actually, it was less of a decision, more of an obligation, for the only thing I could hear leading up to my leap was the frenetic throb of blood beating against my eardrums.

    Had I been able to hear the lady, Id have found out where to find the pull cord that tips the bungee jumper from an upside down to seated position, and I wouldnt have spent 20 panicked seconds grabbing at other bits of string before eventually deciding it would be safest just to close my eyes and hold on tight until another pair of fingers came to prise mine away.

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