Test # 156

I dare ________ you're right.

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    Uses of Rambutan Fruit

    The fruit is better consumed raw and doesnt have a very lengthy shelf life, and also this can vary from a couple of days up to week. If you would like to lengthen this life, put this fruit in a punctured bag and keep it within the fridge.To open the fruit adhere to this simple video that exhibits how you can cut around the outer shell effortlessly using a knife and take off the fleshy rambutan. Rambutan fruit can be utilized in several dishes and drinks. A exotic fruit salad, cocktails, smoothies, yogurts, deserts, jams, syrups, jellies, chutney, salsa and soup are amongst the ways to use this delicate little fruit. You could with confidence replace it in many lychee recipes for something different like a stir fry or even tasty dish.

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