Test # 166

I really can't tell what's ________ .

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    A Christmas Wish

    I made a Christmas wish, A special one for you. I wished really hard, And hoped it would come true.

    You really needed something, To brighten up your day, So I made a little Christmas wish, I hope will come your way.

    It isnt something expensive, That can be measured in cost. Its something you had long ago, But you thought youd lost.

    You cant wear it on your finger... You cant hold it in your hand Its only a special wish, I know youll understand.

    I dont even need to wrap it, Or send it in a card.... Have you guessed it yet? You dont even have to think hard.

    My Christmas wish for you, Is very special and so true... I wish you all the love of the season, And all the joy, too.

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