Test # 174

A man had two dogs: a hound ________ to help him with his sports and another to guard the house.

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    A Scottish Heavy Events competition is defined by at least five of the events listed above. If only five events are used, then no two events will be similar such as two stones, two weight throws for distance, or two hammers. If an implement breaks during a competition and cannot be repaired quickly, the round in which it broke should be started over with a new implement being used. If the judge determines that time does not allow for this, then a new implement will be used and the round continued where it left off. In the interest of safety, the judge has the right to disqualify any competitors who in their opinion do not have the ability to complete a throw without injuring themselves, other competitors or spectators. The judge also has the right to disqualify any competitors who display poor sportsmanship.

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