Test # 184

George Turnip was a highly respected vegetarian but the press were making serious ________ about him.

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    Basil is a Natural Anti Inflammatory Herb

    Basil was recently shown to reduce swelling and inflammation in arthritic patients by about 73 percent, which is on par with commonly used drugs for arthritis.Basil actively inhibits the same enzyme that anti-inflammatory drugs do, including Ibuprofen and Tylenol. Except you won't fall over dead from eating too much basil, as was recently publicized is what often happens from consuming too much Tylenol.Basil is anti-bacterial and protects against pathogens, even those that have become resistant to antibiotics. Basil also guards against free radical damage, while protecting your cells and chromosomes from radiation damage. Of course, anyone who uses a cell phone or computer is regularly exposed to radiation.

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