Test # 185

I don't care what you say, I reckon I could beat you at chess ________ day of the week.

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  • Hanuman


    Hanumanji entered lanka and started searching each and every house and mansion but could not find Mother Sita. It was night time and everyone was either asleep or planning to sleep. Hanumanji had no issue in roaming the streets of Lanka. Words cant describe Lanka it was so magnificent and it had gold everywhere on doors, windows, stairs everywhere. Hanuman explored Ravans palace and the entire Lanka but couldnt find Mother Sita. He was tormented at this thought and then suddenly he saw a temple with tulsi plant growing all around it. He thought,How can a devotee of my Lord Ram live among these rakshas?

    Hanumanji was curious to know more about this place so he jumped over the wall of that temple and peeped inside to have a look. Since it was close to dawn (early morning hours before sunrise) the man of the house woke up chanting Shri Ram, Shri Ram. Hanumanji was extremely delighted to hear his Lords name. Hanumanji disguised himself as priest and decided to meet that person. Seeing a brahmin in his house that man was stunned. He asked, Dear Brahmin, who are you and how could you enter Lanka without being noticed by any of the rakshas? I am Vibhishan, brother of Ravan. Hearing to Vibhisans sweet talks Hanuman revealed his true form and replied, I am Hanuman, my Lord Shri Ram has sent me to Lanka to find Mother Sita. After learning about Hanuman, Vibhisan felt elated and very happy. Hanuman was amazed to see such devotion for Shri Ram in a place like Lanka.Vibhisan took him inside his house and offered Hanuman some fruits but Hanuman refused to accept any of those as he was on a mission. He inquired about Mother Sita and Vibhisan provided him with all the details. He told Hanuman that Mother SIta is in Ashok Vatika and that place is well guarded, he advised Hanuman to proceed with caution.

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