Test # 188

I know I ________ do it because I have done it before.

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  • One Pocket Pool

    Why take upOne Pocket

    Many pool players find One Pocket to be the most rewarding pocket billiards game of all. It is often likened to chess on a pool table, although the strategy isnt truly as deep as chess. Yet in One Pocket, beyond the tactical thinking, players still need to step up to the table and execute their shots.

    It is a game that players often graduate to after building a foundation of pool skills at 8 Ball, 9 Ball or Straight Pool and sometimes even 3 Cushion Billiards. It has a more daunting learning curve than other pool games, which makes it not so well suited for beginning players.

    It has less ball running, yet much more head to head maneuvering than other pool games. It is guaranteed to tax your thinking, expand your shot horizons and stimulate your pool creativity. It is these qualities that make One Pocket so seductive once you begin to learn the game. Of course if you dont understand the game, it can look pretty boring not so once you begin to understand, though!

    Theres a lot of action in One Pocket maybe partly because players have more confidence that their skill will prevail in One Pocket. One Pocket is also very easy to handicap so players of different skill levels can compete together. This is a good thing, because the range between players skill levels is perhaps wider in One Pocket than it is in other pool games!

    One Pocket often becomes the game of choice for maturing pool players who may have lost a little of their sharp eyes, but still have all the other tricks of the game in good working order. So if you are starting to have trouble keeping up with those 9 ball players with their young eyes, yet consider yourself a smart pool player, you really ought to give One Pocket a try it just might give you a whole new lease on your pool career!

    Even if One Pocket does not develop into your favorite game just yet, playing One Pocket is practically guaranteed to improve some skills that carry over into other pool games skills such as banking, safety play, speed finesse and cue ball control.

    This web site is not going to make you a strong One Pocket player all by itself youre going to have to get into the trenches with other One Pocket players yourself to get a real feel for the game. But can learn the basics and find lots of tips for improving your One Pocket game here, and hopefully have fun while you are at it!

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