Test # 194

We will visit Australia ________ New Zealand during our next vacation.

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    Phone Home

    Of course you will want to call your friends back in the states to mock them while they sit in their cubicles, but before leaving, call your cell phone service provider to ask whether your model of phone will work in the countries you plan to visit, what the per minute talk charge will be, and whether it makes sense for you to buy the traveler discount plan offered by some carriers. If those numbers still give you sticker shock, opt for a phone card so you can call from the hotel room instead of the top of the Eiffel Tower. Your friends will still be jealous. Getting online from your smartphone is a little more tricky and a lot more pricey. Its best to disable your data roaming while you are on the road and stick to internet cafes. For our full guide on handling matters of the international phone

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