Test # 205

________ is that sitting over there in the corner?

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    Australia is a pretty huge country and in fact, you could argue that it is almost an entirely separate continent in its own right (sorry New Zealand). However, despite all of that, very few people would argue that it has the strongest military in the world . . . and that is probably because of one hilarious story from the 1930s. Funny how you can never escape those sort of things. The story goes that in the summer of 1932 which would be over Christmas for much of the world wild emus started invading the farmland of people that really needed their crops not to be eaten by maurading birds. After a while, it became clear that traditional methods of stopping the birds were not going to work, and as the farmers did not have global firepower, they called in what they thought was the strongest military in the world: the Australians. A week later the army had had almost absolutely no effect on the emus . . . whatsoever. In fact, farmers reported that there seemed to be more emus around now! This became a huge embarrassment, and the Emu War , as it was called in the Australian Parliament, was effectively ended after around ten days. Many argued that not even the strongest armies in the world would be able to stop these birds from eating up all of the farmers crops, but many government officials were less than impressed. One person even asked sarcastically in a parliamentary debate in the House of Representatives:

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