Test # 206

I ________ her every day and she never says hello to me.

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  • Tips to succeed in Exams

    During the Exam

    Read directions thoroughly. If an essay question asks for three examples from class readings, then give three no more, no less. If multiple choice questions can have more than one answer, remember that as you work through the exam. Paying attention to directions is a simple way to improve your final exam grade.
    Manage your time. Assess how many questions you have to answer in the time allowed. Don t waste time struggling through a question that confuses you. Skip it, and return to it later. Work through the final exam at an efficient pace.
    Write notes to trigger your memory. If you find yourself drawing a blank, write down key terms or concepts that you remember studying on a scratch sheet of paper. Seeing these concepts in writing can help jog your memory and guide you through the final exam.

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