Test # 21

The pencils and paper ________ on your desk.

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    Micha Koralewski Kozieg owy Poland 1st Place

    You can find a striking moment when you least expect it if your eyes are open to it. Michal Koralweski came across one of those moments as he strolled through a market square in Warsaw and spotted an accordionist playing traditional Polish songs. As soon as he saw the bearded musician he knew he had to take the photo. His face was the first thing I noticed Koraweski says so expressive and beautiful in it s own way. It was like an open book. You could almost read his life story from the wrinkles. He was able to get the image he wanted without disturbing the rich atmosphere by snapping the shot with his iPhone. Koraweski who resides in the old and beautiful Polish city of Pozna? tries to pick up inspiration everywhere he goes. Even when he s walking the same streets every day he ll look for new angles intriguing lighting or distinct moods. He s also interested in using his art to illuminate the emotions of people around him. Although he s busy with two demanding jobs and three energetic children he keeps his eyes open and ready to find the next captivating image.

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