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    Friendship Compatibility between Taurus and Capricorn

    Taurus and Capricorn
    - Friendship Compatibility Profile :

    When Taurus and Capricorn form a friendship, it's a practical, sensible combination of Earth Signs. Both are logical and down to earth, strongly disciplined, and both have high standards. Taurus appreciates Capricorn's dedication, and Capricorn admires their Taurus friend's strength. This friendship has a strong foundation based on material security and a realistic approach to life in general. Both are dependable and conservative. Taurus can help Capricorn to relax a little and appreciate the fruits of labor. Capricorn can help motivate Taurus to achieve goals and make dreams a reality.
    Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. Venus is a warm, feminine energy, and Saturn a cold, masculine energy. Venus is physical; it's about romance and sensuality, both of which are important to Taurus. Saturn is about hard work and the discipline to achieve goals. Taurus will show Capricorn how to enjoy a well-deserved break every so often and how to appreciate beauty and comfort. Capricorn can teach Taurus to be more disciplined and to keep reaching out for what they desire.
    Taurus and Capricorn are both Earth Signs, thus these friends enjoy indulging in material possessions. The Taurus-Capricorn friends love beautiful things -- a lovely home, designer clothing, luxurious cars. Along with their appreciation for tangible comforts, their hardworking natures ensure that these two will both, in all likelihood, live very well. Additionally, they are a practical pair, and they rarely have problems caused by one friend's greed or overindulgence. Taurus is a Fixed Sign, and Capricorn is a Cardinal Sign. Taurus has a quiet determination and won't change their mind once its made up. This can provide Capricorn with emotional security, as Taurus is entirely dedicated to the friendship. In turn, Capricorn can stimulate new ideas and start up endeavors that Taurus will enjoy taking over later. These Signs will get along well if Capricorn can initiate ideas and Taurus can keep them going.
    The best aspect of the Taurus-Capricorn friendship is the similarity of their values and their dedication to the same goals. Both enjoy luxury and nice things and work very well together to realize their dreams and goals -- especially if it involves shared resources. Their mutual interests make theirs a highly compatible friendship.

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