Test # 29

Our couch is ________ soft.

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    Score the disks

    Only the player or team whose disks are furthest down the table scores points, and only those disks further down than the opponents disk furthest down score. If a disk hangs over the far end of the table, it scores 4 points. If a disk crosses the far line without hanging over the far end, it scores 3 points. If a disk crosses the nearer scoring line, it scores 2 points. If a disk crosses the foul line, but no other lines, it scores 1 point.If the disk touches or crosses any of the lines, it scores the value of the lower scoring area. Thus, if a disk has crossed the 3 point line but is still touching it, it scores only 2 points.In some versions of table shuffleboard, a less skilled player scores 1 more point for a hanger or crossing the lines than a more skilled opponent does.

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