Test # 40

The train to Rotterdam ________ at 6 pm sharp.

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    Coriander (E), Cilantro (E), Dhaniya (H):

    This popular Indian curry ingredient is also an invaluable medicine; it soothes an irritated digestive system and cools any burning sensations in the body. Its sweet aroma can subtly lift the spirits. Dhanya-ka is a proper noun also meaning 'rich'.

    Digestion Coriander seed is an excellent remedy for promoting pitta digestion as it enkindles agni but does not aggravate acidity. It can be used safely when there is inflammation in the digestive system and when agni needs strengthening. It is a useful carminative herb prescribed in IBS and colic. Both the leaf and seed are used for digestion to clear flatulence, griping and bloating. The powder of the seed is used for worms in children. Urinary Acold infusion of the seeds is very useful for draining heat out of the urinary system. Useful in cystitis, dysuria and cloudy urine. Also beneficial in the hot type of diabetes (pittaja prameha) and for helping to reduce hot flushes. Allergies The juice of the leaf is used externally for allergic rashes and internally for allergic rhinitis from pitta . It specifically clears toxins from the blood. Lungs Its antispasmodic and expectorant properties help to clear mucus from the lungs. Heavy metals The leaf is used to help facilitate the safe excretion of heavy metals and other environmental toxins including lead, arsenic and mercury. Only use drop-by-drop doses and it must be accompanied by an intestinal heavy metal toxin absorption agent, such as chlorella. Fever As the seeds are a mild diaphoretic it can help to alleviate a fever by allowing the displaced agni, pitta and ama to be released through the skin and the urine.

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