Test # 9

The boys gathered a bundle of ________ .

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    Farm quad bike operating rules

    Farm quad bike operating rules are the basic rules for operating quad bikes on the property. When developing these rules, be guided by the manufacturers specifications and the safety warnings on the vehicle. At a minimum, farm quad bike operating rules should cover information about the make and models of quad bikes on your farm who is authorised to operate each quad bike what training and induction is required information that passengers are not to be carried on quad bikes what protective gear must be worn, how to care for it and how to store it what each quad bike can be used for, and what it cant be used for where it can be ridden. Are parts of the farm quad bike no go zones? Are there designated tracks? what conditions each quad bike can be used in, and what conditions it cannot be used what speed the quad bike is to be ridden on tracks, paddocks and around buildings how to safely load and unload each quad bike and how much it can carry how the quad bike will be loaded for transport how the quad bike will be stored what attachments are to be used with the quad bike when and how the quad bike is to be maintained or defects rectified what communication systems are to be used by quad bike operators on your farm.

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