Test # 97

They had to drive ________ up the hill because the car was very old.

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    The 100 percent Perfect Problem

    a. If you continue to work on an ad, brochure, mailer long enough, eventually you will get it perfect. This is false.
    b. The reality is that no communications project is ever more than 90 percent perfect Theres always something that could be revised and improved.
    c. It is better to accept a 90 percent perfect project and finish it so it can begin to do its work, rather than keeping it caged while chasing the elusive 100 percent perfect goal.
    d. If you have a new business or product, the important thing is getting some kind of message out there. You need customers or clients and you need them fast. Every day you delay the better chance your competition has to reach your customers. Your materials will go through several evolutionary changes over the years and you will never be totally happy with them.

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