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    Bufo bufo syn. Rana bufo
    Common toad, Brazilian toad.

    Key Uses:
  • Extremely high sex drive, frequent masturbation, poorly developed sexual relationships, and sexual depravity
  • Seizures
  • Skin problems, such as blisters and itching, burning pustules

    Origin : Found in North America, Japan, southern Asia, and Europe.

    Background : During the 19th century, native Brazilian women were known to give the toad’s venom to their husbands in food or drink to lower sexual vitality.

    Preparation : Venom secreted by the dorsal glands on the toad’s back is mixed with lactose sugar and triturated.

    Remedy Profile : Those prone to immature, childish behavior respond best to this remedy. They have a tendency to be emotionally underdeveloped or potentially even educationally subnormal but may be brilliant in one subject (idiot savant). Their faces may be characterized by a stupid and besotted expression. Particularly

    thick lips, which they may lick constantly, are another classic feature.
    The classic Bufo symptom picture is of seizures and skin problems, occurring either concurrently or independently, and possibly with excessive sexual activity. Typical skin symptoms include blisters and itching, burning pustules.
    The sexual element of this remedy involves symptoms such as an extremely high sex drive, frequent masturbation, poorly developed sexual relationships, and even sexual depravity.

    Symptoms Better : For cool air; for bathing and putting the feet in hot water; for bleeding, especially in saliva or as a bloody discharge from the nipples.

    Symptoms Worse : During sleep; for warm surroundings; for the slightest movement; after an injury.

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