The idea behind the scheme is to try and ________ stealing in the country.

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    Plantar Flexor and Foot Inverter Stretch

    Foot and Calf Stretches:

    Stand upright on the edge of a stair or beam, with the midsection of the right foot on the edge. Place the foot in an everted position (stand on the medial [inner] side of the foot). Bend the right knee slightly toward the midsection of the body (inside direction), with the left knee slightly bent. Hold on to a support with at least one hand. While keeping the foot everted, lower the right heel as far as possible."

    Affected Body Part:
    Most-stretched muscles: Right flexor digitorum longus, right abductor hallucis, medial side of right soleus, right posterior tibialis, right plantaris.
    Lesser-stretched muscles: Right flexor digitorum brevis, right quadratus plantae, right flexor hallucis brevis, right flexor digiti minimi brevis, right medial gastrocnemius, right semitendinosus, right semimembranosus.

    It is more comfortable to do this stretch while wearing shoes. This is an excellent stretch for the flexor digitorum longus, medial soleus, and abductor hallucis muscles, which are located at the medial side of the lower leg and foot. Take extra care when placing the foot in an everted position, and make sure to progress slowly through this stretching position. After the right heel reaches the floor or the lowest point, bending the right knee slightly can increase the stretch. This reduces the stretch on hamstring muscles, but it increases the stretch on the calf muscles.

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